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About Me

Barbara Weber’s works of art have graced the covers of some of the top Equine and Business Magazines, while her pieces have been sold both domestically and internationally for 20 years. She attended the Art Institute Of Atlanta for fine arts, with separate studies in graphic arts, architecture, interior and exterior design.

Growing up in Georgia and foxhunting in her youth, she moved to California in the 1970s and is now actively involved in the cutting horse industry. She has produced awards for the Menlo Park Circus Club Grande Prix, Equine Corporate Logos and recently has created award trunks for cutting horse champions on the West Coast.

Barbara has used her passion for horses and the western lifestyle to pursue her art career,specializing in Equine, Western and Native American Design. Her work has a distinctive graphic look, which also can be combined with the use of organic gemstones and other materials.

As an extension to her art career, Barbara is currently in production of a documentary film about the history of the early days of cutting. The film will focus on the first 100 years of the sport, featuring west coast legend, Dave McGregor with apppearences by Buster Welch and other NCHA notables.

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